About Dead Dear


A magazine of words.

The Dead Dear is a cult of culture. We deconstruct culture with a neurotic approach and we like it like that.

Dead Dear is:

Curator/Editor : Cameron Patton

Managing Editor/Resident Brat: Melissa Dee

Professional People Person: Parris Alexander

Words + Visuals: Katya Amchentseva, Dave Lehl, Jesse Bee, and a few other neurotic culturists.

This is Cameron’s “mission statement”, or something:

To be completely overly simplistic  we focus on art, literature, and music. As we progress, those different categories intertwine and become new things, so we follow.  We cover bands we like, and artists who are great, while also shitting on artists we don’t like, and bands that are crap. We are heavily pretentious, incredibly narcissistic and completely self-loathing. Despite those truths, we’ve still managed to make a few friends a long the way. Friends, that help us throw shows in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Delaware.  The only reasonable answer for this is the love we have for everything we cover and present, without local ghosts, we’d all be huddle in our respective corners, crying about the fates, instead we get to huddle in the corner of venues, crying about fate.

Interested in contributing? Send us a line at TheDeadDear [at] gmail [dot] com or Book our Face here.

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