Featured Photographer: Virginia Rota

There’s an old photography student cliché of taking pictures of the homeless or drug addicts: people at the bottom of their personal narrative. We’re supposed to be left with “awareness” when really it’s just an easy subject to utilize for displaying pain. Photography that follows this motif is just artistic functionalism, those that are destitute serve their purpose. If you want true emotion you have to witness a collapse, a distortion of someones world. You have to capture the image of someone who abandons hope, not someone who hope has abandoned. Virginia’s work displays the emotion despondence that we fear, not the one that we pity. When you are hit with the obsession over things never getting better. Using this feeling paired with striking beauty and a sensual vulnerability begets true emotion. It’s not tragedy at the hands of circumstance; it’s depression in the presence of beauty. Each strand of humanity is pulled and distorted in the photos. Virginia’s images aren’t necessary, but personal and beautiful in a manner that we hope to keep private. It’s that unnecessary aspect that makes each image worthy of note and wonder. For more from Virginia check out her site.

-Cameron Patton

3 responses to “Featured Photographer: Virginia Rota

  1. I think the “dead-women-in-middle-of-the-street” cliché is as exploited as “homeless” cliché is. We’ve seen this a million times.

    • If you’ve seen dead women in the middle of the street a million times you really should be calling someone about that, you should also probably think about relocating out of Central Africa.

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