Featured Photographer: Celeste Ortiz

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A few things that we aren’t known for are empathy, softness, beauty and a peaceful disposition, maybe it’s because we didn’t drink enough water when we were growing up, maybe it’s because we drink too much alcohol now. Whatever the reason we just aren’t outwardly sensitive human beings. That’s why when Celeste sent over her photos we snatched them up and threw them on the site because if we’re not going to be beautiful or sensitive somebody has to do it for us. There is a pensive quality to these photographs that makes each one soothing and calm. Behind each instance of beauty there is also a hint of sadness or perhaps loneliness, possibly just inner quiet in the face of life. I can’t grasp the root of these feelings, but they exist. It’s this mystery quality that makes the photos, there are well composed and pretty pictures everywhere, but like human beauty it’s that thing that you can’t quite figure out that makes something worth looking at. For more from Celeste you can check out her website

-Cameron Patton

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