The Sound’s Maja Ivarsson Seriously Has to Piss

The Sounds are currently in the process of making a new album. Now that’s not exactly breaking news (in case you forgot The Sounds are that group of Swedish musicians that sound a lot like Metric and the 9 other female let Gang of Four/Blondie cover bands). They’ve never really taken a break and they aren’t really a renowned enough to garner much of a hullabaloo. They are and probably always will be that Itunes indie movie soundtrack kind of band. They’re also like ridiculously attractive but that’s not important. What is important for the sake of the narrative is Maja Ivarsson, the hyperactive blonde front-woman. She’s great at what she does, gets the crowd going and what have you, but she has one quirk. A peculiarity that I hadn’t noticed for 4 years until an ex pointed it out to me. Maja bears an incredible resemblance (at least movement wise) to a dog that really fucking has to piss. Like I seriously do not think this woman is allowed to go before concerts because she looks like she’s in pain. In case you’re having trouble imagining I’ve labeled some photographs for visual aid.

-Cameron Patton

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