Featured Artist: Kevin Mann

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Kevin Mann just doesn’t give a shit about you. I don’t mean on a personal level, and I’m sure that his grandmother would probably say he’s a very nice boy. I mean as an artist, he throws down work that is a pretty distorted take on the modern style. He took some paint drip, some colors, and a few brush strokes and just ran them through a distortion pedal and a belt sander until they were better than the paintings you’ve done. Am I being overly hyperbolic? Maybe, but that doesn’t make what I’m looking at less awesome, so shut up hypothetical person created to progress this narrative. Fanaticism aside Kevin is just producing aesthetics and textures that aren’t easy, they seem effortless but it’s obvious that recreating them just isn’t going to happen. Is Kevin’s work accessible and cookie cutter? Hell nah, and that’s what makes it. It’s the visual version of that really short simple line of a poem that just hits every personal note.

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