Featured Artist: Ewa Doroszenko

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If we’re talking in terms of aesthetics I like both Japanese animation and contemporary art, or at least I like selections of both. The reason you don’t see me at a lot of gallery openings or watching shit tons of anime is because I have a very low tolerance for bullshit or just plain badly done things. Both of these arts are composed of some of the most mind boggling cat-pukey images that I can mentally recall. So, I just abstain. The same goes for sci-fi and veggie burgers produced by non-vegetarian restaurants. That’s why I like Ewa’s work it combines just about all the best parts of those things (aside from the burgers) and works out a clever balance between each. It doesn’t cross over too far into any one thing and doesn’t get lazy in its representations of each. It may not make me sit through shitty anime or go to crap galleries but it is nice to know that someone out there knows what’s going on. Also, something of interest Ewa is our first artist out of Poland so that’s a thing.

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