Featured Photographer: Haren Mehta

I’m honored to feature Haren on our first post as Dead Dear. Whenever I flip through look books, W, Vogue, or fashion websites (seriously guys what is it with all the flash, like so much internet flash), I get bored about 30 seconds into it. The clothes don’t really have an effect on the boredom. Fashion houses come up with some innovative and mind-blowing shit sometimes. I get bored with the photographs. I understand that you’re getting paid to do it, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care.

Haren is an overwhelming exception to the general rule: bland with beauty. His work remains high fashion and never descends into kitschy fads in the industry. It also does a little bit more; each picture gives you something of Haren. There is a hint of his personal influence and talent in each shot. Those of you who aren’t into fashion will still love the images. Those of you who are into fashion, or in the fashion industry, take note and get a hold of Haren, because that unique touch to each photo is something people are going to notice. Here’s a link to her site http://harenmehta.com. Check it out, or wait till next time because he definitely won’t be a stranger around these parts.

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