Featured Artist: Niki Urban

Remember when we used to post satanic/occult art work and make jokes about genitalia, while sacrificing virgins to support no gods but our personal hedonism? Well, it’s been a while and because of the immense amount of antidepressants and other mood altering chemicals in the average teenage virgin’s blood these days we’re having trouble remembering as well. We decided to refresh our memories a little bit. Niki kind of scares me because she’s great (like really ridiculously good) and I want her to keep making art, but I’m not sure she should be left to her own devices. I fear for the decreasing sanity in mankind. In all seriousness there’s a reality behind her art that makes it as good as it is. It’s more lucid than fears you can imagine, and more beautiful than scenes you can construct. Mostly, it’s just fucking cool. Oh yeah, here’s her website.

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