Featured Artist: Cassie Lynn O’Neal


I met Cassie a while ago going out to dinner and stopped talking to her for a good chunk of time after that. Or we stopped talking to each other, or something. I think we mutually didn’t have a good time, haha, but that isn’t a big deal. I don’t remember following her on Instagram, probably because I just clicked ‘follow all Facebook users’ but at some point she started posting pretty cool art. I didn’t know it was her whom made it until a little bit later. She was nice enough to agree to a Local Ghosts feature, so were going to give her one. Her stuff is good, so here we are. Also she gave me a pretty good artist statement compared to some I usually get. In her words:

“Gosh I seriously never know how to start these things… I’m from Wilmington Delaware, currently going to school (graduating with my B.F.A this May) at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. I work primarily on paper to create a visual interaction between subject, object and ornament. I take the original symbolism of the articles I render out of that context, by creating an anthropomorphic layering of imagery. I am drawn to make work that is both complicated in composition and heavy with detail. In Layman’s terms: I enjoy combining figure, animal and pattern so the viewer re thinks its original symbolism. I seriously hate being overly verbose. Some artists I’m always looking at are Caitlin Hackett, Vania Zouravliov, John Dyer Baizley, Anton Vill, Alphonse Mucha (derrrr), Gustav Klimt, and so much more but I’m so awful with names and I never remember anyone. But I’d say as much as I look at artists I draw a lot from fashion, literature, film and philosophy. But, I truly just want the viewer to get lost in my works as if they were reading a particularly juicy book. I want to create a sense of a different world, time and place.”






Check out her Facebook page here. Get ahold of her, buy some prints, talk to her, etc. She’s pretty nice. Be easy!

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