Featured Photographer: Leah Kolakowski

Leah is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is studying for her BFA in photography at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. She shoots on film (though she started shooting digital) and I think that’s a perfect fit for her because her photos are so inspired. After graduating, Leah hopes to do editorial fashion work and start her own business. As for now, portraiture and fashion work are her main subjects, and photography is her main source of income.

“I am inspired by love and light. Discovering new places and experiences is what fuels my imagination, as well as collaborating and working with other creative minds. I always strive to challenge myself with new projects, open new doors, and capture my visions that I bring to life.”

If I’m being honest, Leah is one of my favorite photographers we’ve  put on Dead Dear. She will be graduating in the Spring, and in my opinion she’s going to get huge in the business. Work with her now, before it’s too late and you have to be famous for her to give you the time of day. Although I doubt that will happen, she’s pretty down to Earth. Check out her website for more. And her blog is definitely worth a click as well. Love and light.

-Cody Roggio

Cody can now be found at his new site Coffin Catalogs

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