Auditory Dysmorphia: KIDS



I love this band. Fucking heavy. My old band used to play with them a lot in Philly and they put us on their shows even though everyone used to tell everyone not to put us on their shows because we were drunk wrecks.

But not KIDS. KIDS looked past our alcoholism and the fact that we broke microphones and saw us for the people we truly were. And I thank them for that. Their album cover for Henley is actually a picture of our old drummer doing what he does best:


And goddamn, Henley is a good album. Riffs on riffs on riffs. I wish I was in this band so much. Please do yourself a favor and check it out. Hardcore for the hardcore. And an added bonus: none of their members have been accused of sexual assault on Tumblr. What more could you ask for?

Here is the typo – laden bio directly from the band themselves. I’m not editing it because punk rock.:

“Hey, we’re Kids. We’re from the Pocono mountains. We started playing in 2011 with one goal: show up, party, thrash, next show. Our first self titled release was an 11 minute 14 track sonata of blunt force trauma to the cranium. Fast, slow, loud, and spontaneous. In April 2012 we released 8 tracks on a 4-way split with square of opposition records featuring Florence and Libby, we were skeletons, and Paxton. This was a growing point for the band. The 8 songs on the split (aptly named burnouts and boozehouds) was a change from he melded together wall of noise, to More of a punch to the face, pass out, wake up, repeat. We’ve toured and played shows all around the north east destroying basements and ripping out ear drums. In September of 2012, we went to dead air studio in Amherst Ma. And recorded with Will killingsworth (Orchid, ampere, bucket full of teeth). 8 tracks of 2 years of work and failure put into sound. The album “Henley” is a step up from both releases with out losing face to the unique sound that is kids. “Henley” is just a taste of things to come. Soon we will be releasing two b-sides from the Henley sessions for a split with Orphan Donor. And already hard at work on there next ep. Kids in the simplest form have one mission statement: we like to get fucked up and play fucked up music”

I’m so stoked on this new album. If you aren’t, you are wrong. Book them on your shows and bang your fucking head.

– Cody Roggio


One response to “Auditory Dysmorphia: KIDS

  1. “And an added bonus: none of their members have been accused of sexual assault on Tumblr. What more could you ask for?”

    WHAT? haha Is that like a thing now?

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