Featured Photographer: Kate Frese

I met Kate Frese back in the days of my old band. We were playing a show near Harrisburg, possibly in Bethlehem, PA and she got a hold of us beforehand and asked if she wanted to take photos of us. Short story short, she did, and they were some of the best pictures ever taken of our band. And then she got moshed into and fell and I was so scared for her camera (and for her) but luckily both were okay. We became internet friends, and a year later it is today and I’m featuring her awesome photography on Local Ghosts. Click on the photos to see them bigger.


“While band photography and fine art night photography may seem few and far between, I don’t think so at all. Regardless of what I’m photographing, my goal is capturing the atmosphere and/or emotion of the subject matter. I want the viewer’s experience to be the same as mine while shooting. My night photography brings out the eerie feeling that many people experience when being outside, alone at night. My live band photography strives to bring out the atmosphere at a hardcore punk show. My viewers’ experiences is important to me and something I take into consideration when shooting.”

– Kate.

Bands in these photo’s are Suburban Scum and Lifeless. Check them both out. And check out Kate’s website. Follow her Twitter. And get her to do your photos. She is nice. And I don’t want to hear people complaining about photographers standing on the side of the stage at hardcore shows. Especially if they’ve been a part of the scene for as long as Kate has. End rant. Thanks Kate.

-Cody Roggio

You can see all of Cody’s new work on his site Coffin Catalogs

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