A Casual Introduction: Danielle Dawley

We’ve recently hooked up with a few talented photographers; they’ll be helping us along our weird journey. We wanted to take the time to introduce you to them, one by one, so keep a look out for some awesome features.


It’s hard to blend accessibility and experimentation. It seems that you either have completely commercial and/or trendy photographers, who produce boring images that appease, or you have the experimental ones, who have no feet in reality and might as well be taking pictures of raccoon testicles with a macbook and PhotoBooth. That’s why I’m so glad we found Danielle or she found us, I don’t remember. She knows her audience, has talent, and has somehow managed to keep the creativity of an artist.

I have no idea where this relationship will go or what it’ll turn into, but I’m looking forward to it. Plus she’s really funny and is a beer slinger, which is everything you want in a person.

So, welcome to our family of sociopaths, psychotics, narcissists and that one guy that does something. I’ll think you’ll fit in just fine. Or, as she’s said ,

My grandma told me, ” let your clit lead you, and you will always come out ahead”

-Cameron Patton

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