Featured Photographer: Suman Addya

It’s a goddamned shame that this man hasn’t been on this website already. His work is excellent, he’s a great dude, and he’s known/been friends with members of the Dead Dear team for a while now. So I’m putting his photography up whether he likes it or not, although I have a feeling he does. When I asked him for some information on him he told me he wasn’t going to do a lot of writing. Turns out he’s a pretty huge liar. He penned up his life story for us, which is cool because his life story is interesting. As is his photography. He sent me like a million of his photos and there were way too many great ones to just choose a few so this feature is going to be like. Trust me; worth all of your time. Sometimes he takes photos of beautiful landscapes, sometimes he takes photos of bands playing music, sometimes he takes photos of me looking like a wastoid at parties; all of them look great regardless. Enough of me, Suman, take it away:

Oh, P.S., click the photos to make them bigger. You need to see them big to take them in. Oh, and P.P.S.S. Suman’s art is on sale at Homegrown Bar/Grill/Restaurant in Newark, Delaware until the end of January. If I were you, and in the area, I would take advantage of that. Any of these would look amazing on your walls, I promise.

Born in October of 1986 in Calcutta, India to immigrant research scientist parents who moved to Philadelphia when he was 15 months old. Suman grew up in the greater Philadelphia region, and attended the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. He moved to Newark, DE in the Spring of 2011 after starting graduate school at the University of Delaware, where he is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Optics and Photonics.

Suman started photography as a hobby, and purchased his first DSLR in early 2009. With no formal training, he first learned about how to make High Dynamic Range (HDR) images through online tutorials. With some experimentation he quickly started to develop his own images that captured the vibrant colors and rich textures of the world around him. Through enhancing his photographs, his perception was enhanced as well. Continually expanding into more ambitious visual projects, with Videography and projection animation; HDR photography still serves as the foundation of those endeavors.

Check Suman’s website, Weapons of Mass Production (which is a clever name; hire this dude to shoot you) and his YouTube channel here.


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