Featured Artist: David Perez

Be cool David Perez should be in charge of every notebook and binder sketch from now on. I’m usually not a fan of pen or pencil sketching because the artists always get lost in details and forget to make good overall images. David Perez is making these images, it’s a hint of gossip mag, a touch of street fashion, and a load of fun all thrown together to just equate to good times drawings. When I look at David’s work I just get waves of nostalgia and a desire to go hang out some where, I feel like if my walls were just his work things would be okay for just a little bit. This develops in to some sadness, which you can see in the work but for the most part the point seems to be, everything is chill. Also, he’s just really talented which definitely helps get the point across. For more of his work check out his website here.

david perez

tumblr_mdgdgoZuDm1qlmdi2o1_500 Love you Not now

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