Auditory Dysmorphia: Mimieux.



Patrick Donahoe: guitar, vox

Drew Clegg: bass, vox

Brad Murphy: drums, vox


I (Cody) first met Drew when I was in my now defunct (although I’m not sure it was ever “funct”) band Weeded Out. We hit it off immediately because we were both fat dudes with beards. Or nice people whom enjoyed the same music, or something. Then some shit went down and he ignored me for half a year, but now were friends again. This is his new band, and they are SICK, and I figured they deserved a feature. A word of warning though: this is a long ass interview with all the band members and we go off topic a lot. They’re a charming bunch of punkers though, so it is well worth the read. and DEFINITELY check out the music, because it’s some of Philly’s finest hardcore going around right now. Enjoy!

LG: First question: My two years of French have given me the knowledge that Mimieux is, indeed, a French word. What’s with the name?

Drew Clegg: Do it brad.

Brad Murphy: Well, we’re all big Tarantino fans and the name is the last name of the character Emanuelle Mimieux from the movie Inglourious Basterds.

LG: Oh, indeed. What’s your collective favorite Tarantino movies?

Drew Clegg:  The lady who owns the movie theater in Inglorious Bastards


Drew Clegg:  I’m a Kill Bill 2 [fan]. Er, well both Kill Bills really.

Patrick Donahoe: Django [Unchained] was unreal. Definitely my new favorite.

Brad Murphy: I’m gonna have to go with Inglourious Basterds. Hitler being violently murdered? I’m down.

Drew Clegg: Actually I pick Pulp Fiction over the Kill Bills. But they’re a close second.

Patrick Donahoe: Y’all need to see Django.

Brad Murphy: Going tonight!

Drew Clegg: Tomorrow!

LG: Do you guys wanna know what my beef with Tarantino fanboys is? I love Quentin Tarantino, but I love him because he makes the movies he’s a fan of by stealing the best parts of other movies. Most of the Tarantino fanboys I know couldn’t give less of a fuck about the movies he does homages to. They just think he created all these cool ideas.

Drew Clegg: Ahhh dude I love the old grindhouse movies he rips off! He really thrives in his screenplays.

Brad Murphy: I’m with you man. That’s a major reason why I love him.

Drew Clegg: No one can compare to his scripts.

Patrick Donahoe: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Aren’t we in a band?

LG: You guys are in a band?

Brad Murphy: We were.

Drew Clegg: Hahah.

LG: Lets talk about that for a few seconds. How and why did Mimieux start?

Drew Clegg: Hahah, funny story.

Brad Murphy: Anyone else want that one?

Patrick Donahoe: Hahaha, oh god. Drew!

Drew Clegg: I’ll do it.

Brad Murphy: Be nice.

Drew Clegg: We were in a band called Holy Christ. We wrote and never released a very passionately driven EP, then we found ourselves in a rut. We never moved forward and did anything. So we decided to end that and start fresh with a new, positive, outlook on music.

Patrick Donahoe: Dude, that was really nice.

Drew Clegg: Ironically enough, writing about more negatively driven subjects.

Brad Murphy: With super poop lickz.

Drew Clegg: Being in a band with dudes who are very serious about it makes you want to make it work. So we had to trim the fat and progress as people, musicians, and a family of sorts. Boom.

Brad Murphy: We’re sort of big on being buddies.

Patrick Donahoe: Yeah, we’re definitely friends or something.

Brad Murphy: I can’t wait to not be friends.

Drew Clegg: I quit.

Brad Murphy: Yes!

LG: What is Mimieux’s goal? Are you gonna be a merch band? Or a hype band? Is your singer gonna make himself bleed and punch randoms in the face? How are you gonna achieve stardom in the hardcore scene?

Brad Murphy: Hahaha, oh jeeze. Who wants to answer what?

LG: You know Weeded Out punched people in the face and Andrew made himself bleed way before Hoax became a hype band. I love Hoax, no disrespect, but the Weed did it first. Drew Clegg can back me up on that. God this is gonna be such a bitch to edit. I fucking hate your band already.

Drew Clegg: Hehe.

Patrick Donahoe: Hahah, I guess that’s our goal as a band. To make people hate us.

Drew Clegg: You love us.

Drew Clegg: I’ll answer the question I guess.

LG: What’s your goal as a band? Also, I have no idea what’s going on in this interview.

Brad Murphy: Go Drew! And me either but it’s lovely so far.

Drew Clegg: Our goal is to escape real life as much as possible by successfully screaming about what we are pissed off about to a bunch of people who don’t get it.

Brad Murphy: And to make more buddies doing the same.

LG: So this band is the new incarnation of Holy Christ?

Drew Clegg: Pretty much, we are only a three piece though.

Brad Murphy: In a way, very much so. But it’s also fairly different from Holy Christ.

LG: You guys are three best friend whom seem to have a lot of chemistry together. Ever think about being lab partners? You can use that on girls by the way. What is the future of Mimieux? Any tours scheduled? Have I even been spelling your band name right this entire time?

Drew Clegg: Haha fucking brilliant. You good on the spelling!

Brad Murphy: Take it Pat!

Patrick Donahoe: Our first show is on New Years Day down in Philly at the fest the dudes from Kat Kat are putting on, nothing as far as tours yet. We just got tapes in of our first demo “Malevolent” that we’ll be selling. We’ve really just been writing a lot.


LG: Selling where?

Drew Clegg: At our shows.

Patrick Donahoe: Shows, brothels, Drew’s house, etc.

LG: Anything online? Any record label affiliation, Big Cartels, etc?

Brad Murphy: We only got 50 made and we’re probably just gonna do one pressing.

LG: I’ve been coming up to Philly A LOT. Can we start being bros?

Drew Clegg: Yeah dude! Come hang at our show! Also, we are gonna try and hit the road a bit in the summer.

LG: What bands influence you guys?

Brad Murphy: Ugh. SO MANY.

Patrick Donahoe: Too many.

Brad Murphy: Namely all of our friend’s bands.

LG: Namedrop some bands.

Brad Murphy: whenskiesaregray

Drew Clegg: Cavities

LG: I LOVE the Philadelphia scene.

Brad Murphy: Fake Cult

Drew Clegg: Love Philadelphia music. Hate a lot of the people. Hence the first song on our demo.

LG: Alright now name some bands people have heard of that influence you.

Drew Clegg: Propagandhi, Now Now.

Brad Murphy: “Bigger” bands for me are definitely Loma Prieta/ Propagandhi/ Maps and Atlases/ Code Orange Kids/ Punch.

Drew Clegg: Full of Hell (Cody knows dat.)

[Editor’s note: God, I love Full of Hell. – Cody]

Brad Murphy: Ooooo yaa, Native/ Pianos Become the Teeth. Many a band. Any band we see doing or creating fucking really cool shit just gets us real pumped to try and get to that level of coolness.

Patrick Donahoe: Brad and Drew are right on with all of those bands.

Drew Clegg: We love nothing more than hearing a band that makes us go “wait, what the fuck are they doing there” and trying to see if we can top that creative level.

LG: What are your other hobbies? What else are you guys into besides music?

Drew Clegg: I’m slowly writing a fiction novella, and i love reading comics. And i mean slooowwlllyy.

LG: I’m writing a novella too! And I love comics! What comics are you into, Drew?

Drew Clegg: Big fan of Batman, Walking Dead, Deadshot.

[For the rest of this, Drew and I just talked about Walking Dead, so for the sake of spoilers I’m not going to print it. Fuck issue 100. For some reason Drew thinks Rick should die. Fuck that, too. I love Rick.]

Brad Murphy: I adore TV/movies. I’m a big shut-in.

LG: Name some movies, Brad. and TV shows you’re into.

Brad Murphy: Oh, man. I love any Cohen Brothers/ Tarantino/ Scosese/ Wes Anderson. As far as TV, Seinfeld and The Wire are my two favorites. Then Curb Your Enthusiasm and Treme.

Patrick Donahoe: I do a lot of writing. Poetry and prose stuff and I love film.

LG: I do a lot of writing and poetry stuff and prose as well.

Drew Clegg: Band talk..

LG: Should I print any of this, or just the shit about the band?

Drew Clegg: Yeah, fun game.. Try and get Brad to NOT mention The Wire, Sienfeld, or Curb. Print it!

Brad Murphy: SHUT THE FUCK UP?! How dare you!

LG: Okay, I’ll print it but I’m leaving out Walking Dead spoilers.

Drew Clegg: Yeah hahah,

LG: Let’s bring this interview to a close. There’s a lot I have to edit, and then I need some things from you guys. For the last question I want to leave the floor open to you guys. Any last words you want to say to Local Ghosts before I shut this shit down and get to the fucking horrible task of editing all your bullshit?

Brad Murphy: We’re just way stoked you did this for us man!

Patrick Donahoe: Yeah, dude! I’m humbled that someone actually gives a shit about what we’re doing. Stoked!

Drew Clegg: Thanks Cody for doing this! Shits been funny. I want to see you soon and anything we can do for you guys let us know! LUH YOU.

LG: Don’t be stoked. Let’s just do a circle jerk next time I’m in Philly. Or, you know, call me and invite me places.

And with that, the interview concluded. I think those dudes are still talking to each other in the chat, but I can’t be bothered to fucking read it. I’m mentally exhausted from editing this. Anyway, they just released their first demo and I must say it fucking RULES. like, it RULES. Here’s the album art. They’d like to give a shout out to the “unofficial fourth member, Dan Green, whom did all the art and pictures for them. “Without Dan, they wouldn’t be the band they are today.” One of them said that. I don’t remember whom. They’re all blending together right now. I’m tired as fuck.


Listen to/download their EP for FREE here: bandcamp.

Here’s their Stereokiller. I’m only posting this because I’ve supported Stereokiller/PAHARDCORE from day one.

Contact them for booking/dick pics at

Like them on Facebook.

This was the longest interview I’ve ever done. I hope you’re happy, boys.

– Cody Roggio.


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