Featured Artists: Michael Koliner


I love minimalistic work, maybe it’s the confused sense of functionality, maybe it’s the distortion of the idea of art. I can’t tell if it’s subversive, supportive, or just cool looking. Michael works in a world of architectural art and simple machines that makes you wonder about something you don’t need to, for reasons you don’t know why. It makes you think about the world outside, the past, and making work with your hands. It’s almost a look back into an industrial age with the world of semi-antiqued modernism. I love each piece. I feel stiff and comfortable, it’s like cuddling with a cute girl in an iron lung and I want to see more and more of it. Check out more of his work on his site, and get into the duality of it all. If you’re ever in Baltimore go see it live and we’ll try to bring him up to New York.

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