Gallery: Challenging Media: Provocative Printmaking @ Gallery360

Tellus360/ Gallery360 Exhibit

I met Henry Gepfer on a punk rock messageboard and started chatting with him about his art. He does installations and has had a few gallery shows here and there, Local Ghosts did a feature on him a while back. We got to talking,  and as it turns out, Henry and I are both from Lancaster, PA. He had a gallery show coming up at Gallery360. Gallery360 is an art gallery located in a place called Tellus360, an awesome store filled with knick nacks, bags, wooden gifts, and clothing. I’ve even been to the place once or twice. Small world.

Henry tells me to come check out the show currently running at Tellus called, “Challenging Media: Provocative Printmaking” so after work, on First Friday, I stopped by and met up with him. His work was the shit as usual, but the gallery also featured four other artists: Mary Bluestocking, JD Deardourff, Uriah Arbogast, and Mike Inzinna.

I also met Lauren, Gallery360’s gallery girl, whom turned out to be extremely nice and helpful. Local Ghosts is stoked to have Tellus360 on our site. It houses what is easily the coolest gallery in Lancaster, PA, and is has the nicest people, which really is becoming something of a rarity these days. Challenging Media: Provocative Printmaking runs until October 28th, and I highly recommend you check it out if you get a chance. I’m a little late on this article and for that I apologize to Henry and Lauren, but I again am very excited to collaborate with both of them to bring you guys more cool stuff.

Tellus’s hours are M-Th 10am – 7pm, F 10am-9pm, Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 11am-5pm.

The address is 24 East King Street. Lancaster, PA 17603.

Phone: (877) 486 1660.

Henry Gepfer (Along with the photo at the top):

Mary Bluestocking:

Uriah Arbogast:

Mike Inzinna:

JD Deardourff:

Oh, and there is more. Check it out. It’s an amazing show, definitely not one to miss.

Thank you to Lauren Nye for the help.

More collaborations with Tellus 360 coming soon.

EDIT: Updated 10/20. More art by Mary Bluestocking coming soon.

Photography by Cody Roggio.


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