Featured Artist: Ishibashi Yui

I have the same problem with Ishibashi Yui ,that I have with Haruki Murakami. They are both incredibly talented in their fields, but I just can’t get over how they seem so obviously influenced by artists of the past. My feelings on each piece of work they’ve done is ‘okay I get it, this is good but come on, there has to be more.’ Like is there some deeper thing going on or are you just doing things that someone has already done? Haruki wears his influences proudly and to that I give him credit. I can’t say much about Yui because I’ve only seen her art and haven’t gotten ahold of any translated conversations, but I’m guessing she’s no stranger to the influences on his art. It was only today that I realized how ill advised it was to judge people this talented on the merits of there predecessors.

Some stuff is just good and regardless of its transcendentally man nature overtones Yui makes great sculptures that stick in your head. They’re sure to become popular (much like Haruki) and that should not be held against them, because they’ve both taken older works and redone there premises to make them more enthralling for a changed audience. I’m not going to sit around only reading Kafka and Beckett because of history, I’m not going to listen to nothing but Scott Joplin (more fitting to this premise slave spirituals) and I’m not going to ignore obvious talent for the aesthetic, which is something that Yui has been gifted with. I’m sorry for being so judgmental random Japanese artists and writers who I’ve never met and I hope you can forgive me.

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